Beautifully balanced

st. croix bass fishing rod

There are a lot of complicated and expansive terms and design processes behind the St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Spinning Rod. I thought for a few minutes about how to tackle all of that terminology and to be totally honest with you, I don’t want to get lost in all of that. While important to some, I think it’s most important I spend your time discussing the real-world applications and my experiences with it.

If you’d like to dive into the technical specifics, click this link and you can learn all about it.

Throughout my testing, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the balance of this rod. Before I put a reel on it, I immediately told my wife it was one of the lightest rods I’ve ever held in my hands; having tested hundreds of rods throughout my career, that means something. I was fairly shocked when I first put this rod in my hands.

After I put a reel on it, it remained super lightweight and most notably, it was wonderfully balanced. I have fished a lot of different baits on this rod such as shaky heads, ned rigs, finesse jerkbaits and weightless worms and have been totally impressed with each application. It’s comfortable to fish with throughout an entire day and you won’t notice any undue fatigue after a long day of bass fishing.