Beat it up


I wish I had some elaborate biological explanation for this point, but sadly I don’t. But this has been a big deal for me throughout these spring weather fronts. Do not be afraid to hit a productive spot several times during the day. When I run across a good stretch where I can get a few bites, I’ll come back every hour or so and beat the fire out of it. Fish are moving constantly right now, so I don’t try to “save” fish for the next day or the next tournament. I milk everything for every ounce it’s worth because chances are, those fish won’t stay there long.

There is a reason those fish are there. Whether it’s the presence of bait, bottom composition or vegetation, it all depends. But again, they’re there for a reason and in cold front conditions, their feeding windows get incredibly small. So revisiting a productive spot several times increases the likelihood of you pulling up while they happen to be feeding. Or at least that’s my opinion.

So try these tips on your next trip. If you run across a little scrape of ’em, come back in an hour or two. Don’t peg your weight. Throw a jerkbait. Back off the bank a little bit. I’m willing to bet if you try these things out, you won’t be so hesitant to go fishing during that next cold front.