Be on the lookout


Another great way to catch fish behind someone is to keep an eye on the back graph. Whether you’re fishing as a co-angler or fishing with a buddy, watching the graph at the driver’s console will alert you to fish that are right underneath your feet, because that’s where the transducer for that graph is usually located.

Keep a drop shot or worm handy and whenever you see a fish pop up on the graph, reel in whatever else it is you’re fishing with and drop a bait right behind the motor. A drop shot works extremely well for this because it gives you a bait that will make a beeline for the bottom and get as close as possible to where you last saw the fish. But a shaky head or Texas rig works really well too when the angler on the front of the boat is moving along pretty fast. That way you can just fire that bait out behind the boat and drag it along to try to intersect the fish.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the graph to try to find cover. The down and side imagining will reveal boulders, stumps and clumps of vegetation that you can then try to make contact with and pick fish off of. Just always remember where those images are coming from, instead of the transducer being a little in front of you like it would be if you were fishing from the bow, it’s a little behind you, likely mounted just below the outboard.