Bass Rankings Field Comparisons


From the graphic, you quickly see that average angler experience is pretty even at BASS and FLW and quite a bit longer at MLF. A quarter of the FLW Tour and BASS Elite Series fields have fished less than two years.

However, all of the MLF field’s experience came at BASS and FLW. So I’m curious how that experience could be weighted heavier when none of the field’s experience really applies to the new format of the Bass Pro Tour. In that, all of the years they have fished the other tours, they have focused on catching the five biggest bass they can. Where now, catching a lot of small fish makes you equally competitive on the Bass Pro Tour.

The numbers are interesting at least to understand the make up of the three fields. I think, however, that the angler rankings should be based on how they fished on their tours the last couple of years.