Baits to use


During other times of the year, there are certain baits better suited for this bite. But in my opinion there’s only one right presentation for these small schools of super-aggressive bass in the late summer and that’s a topwater. A topwater allows you to cover more water by throwing farther and drawing fish from greater distances than other baits like a wacky rig would.

Topwaters also do a great job of mimicking the forage these small schools are after. Resembling a struggling bream or bluegill along the surface, topwaters quickly draw the attention of the bass and create an immediate feeding frenzy as competition ignites the school and the bass forgo close inspection of the bait for fear of missing out.

Poppers, walking topwaters and twin-prop baits are great, but prop-style baits like the River2Sea Whopper Plopper and Berkley Choppo are my favorite for this style of fishing. They create a lot of commotion, can be thrown long distances with accuracy and are very effective at hauling big ones to the boat once they bite.

Accuracy is a very important thing to note here as you’ll need to capitalize when you do run into a school and placing the bait softly right in front of the fish can be the difference in the bite of a lifetime and the fish seeing you and spooking before you get a shot at them. Being accurate largely depends on having the right rod, reel and line combo. So, guess what we’re going to talk about next…