Bait keeper

bass fishing rod bait keeper

It may be a small thing to some folks, but the bait keeper is always a big deal to me on a rod. I like a keeper that can be used one of two ways, to slip the bend of a hook under or the point of a hook through. The reason being, if the bait keeper is just a closed off loop attached to the rod on both ends, I have to pull the hook out of a soft plastic each time to hang my bait on the rod. But if it’s the kind that Halo used on this rod, I can just slip the bend of my hook underneath the keeper and leave my bait rigged and ready for the next time I need it.

On some baits with treble hooks like lipless crankbaits, topwaters and squarebills, however, I’ll actually run the hook point through the bait keeper since it’s a little more secure to store those baits that way. With this bait keeper, you can do both. It’s placed in the optimal area on top of the blank above the reel so that you run the least risk of hanging your line on it if you’re trying to pop a bait free, which happens if a bait keeper like this is on the back of the rod blank.