Bait keeper

bass fishing swimbaits

The bait keeper is also quite impressive on this thing. With a double barbed keeper, you won’t find many instances where your bait slips down the shaft of the jighead. Having to constantly re-rig a swimbait is one of the more annoying aspects of this style of fishing. Whether its from a hard cast, a fish pulling on the tail or a twitch of the rod intended to free the bait from cover, it seems like a swimbait is slipping off the bait keeper every other cast sometimes. Not the case with the bait keeper on the Weedless Eye Jig Head, that’s for sure.

My only critique is that the double-barbed keeper can be a bit much for the nose of some swimbaits. If there’s not enough material there, the big barbs can tear through the plastic while rigging. Adding a little moisture first does help the bait get up and over the barbs better. But after awhile, this seems to be the area where most baits will fail. Still though, I only went through two Missile Baits Shockwaves to catch around 12 fish. So those numbers are pretty good.

And I imagine Z-Man’s response to this would be to try their DieZel MinnowZ or one of their other swimbaits made with their super stretchy ElaZtech material that’s almost impossible to tear. Not a bad idea since it’s an outstanding swimbait and they likely designed this bait keeper with that material in mind, but rest assured this jighead will work with nearly any soft-plastic swimbait you prefer as well.