Avoid playing tickle bunny at all costs

angler catching a bass from the bank

Yea, I know it’s a weird subheading but I’m always going to keep it real with y’all. As I’ve guided fishing trips over the years, I’ve always told folks to stop “testing” to see if they have a bite before setting the hook; especially when fishing weightless. If you feel your line do something different or the proverbial weight of your worm feel different, don’t sit there and play tickle bunny and wait for the fish to swim circles around you until you set the hook.

Remember what we just talked about. These big spring bass don’t always bite like they’re mad; they’re not going to smoke it most of the time. Most of your bites will be incredibly subtle so if something feels remotely different, set the dang hook and get that fish coming towards you. At the risk of using a much-dreaded and oft-avoided cliché I heard coming up in the bass fishing world… hooksets are free. Do not, under any circumstances, get cute and play tickle bunny with ‘em.