Avoid fresh pine trees

pine tree in water for bass fishing

When it comes to a bass fishing lure, fresh pine bark is one of the stickiest things ever known to man. Fishing laydowns is a great way to catch bass but when that laydown is a pine tree that still has its bark on it, I’ll often skip right past it. The bark of a pine is just too coarse, with each tree’s coating made up of thousands of perfect little crevices for my hooks to snag.

Hooks aren’t all that hangs in pine bark. My line is notorious as well for getting into a little groove and digging into the bark. As the lure approaches, the whole bait gets stuck as it tries to cram its way through the same groove the line has found.

Honestly, I just avoid the pines the best I can. I’ll fish them on occasion just to make sure there’s not a pattern relevant to only the pine trees. Or I’ll fish them if that’s all that’s there or if I’m in a tournament. If I’m just fun fishing, however, you won’t likely see me even throwing at one.