Avoid braid

braided line on a bass fishing reel

I’m personally a big fan of braided line. There are times, however, when it can be a real pain and it’s perhaps better for some anglers to simply avoid using braid altogether because of its pitfalls. Braided line has a tendency to dig into whatever it’s being dragged across. When fishing braid versus fluorocarbon across a tree for instance, it’s more likely to cut into the tree and then hang your bait up as it approaches.

The same thing happens with vegetation, though braid is almost a necessity in these situations. If your braid starts to cut into vegetation, you can typically snatch it out and cut all the way through whatever cover you’re fishing.

I do remember one unique situation when I was covering a tournament down in Florida years ago. The angler was actually punching with super-heavy monofilament, because the gator grass was too tough for his braid to cut through. When he tried the braid, his line would dig into the gator grass during the fight and a fish would come off. The monofilament, however, wouldn’t dig in at all and he was able to put more fish in the boat. But I stress this was the exception. Avoid braid where you can around wood and docks, but for vegetation it’s usually a good idea.