Auto tune


Another really cool thing about this bait and something that has me excited to see deep divers in this genre down the road is that the bait “auto tunes”. Tuning a crankbait refers to the process of slightly bending the eye of a crankbait to one side or the other in order to make the bait dive and run straight. With the clip for a line tie and the oscillating bill of the Jabber Jaw, there’s no way to tune this bait to get it to run straight. But there’s also no need, as the bait effectively tunes itself on each cast.

It also corrects itself quickly each time it comes over cover, not kicking out to one side or the other as far as most squarebills do, as some will even blow all the way out and come to the surface. One other thing I’ve noticed with this bait is that it doesn’t dig and dive as fast as some squarebills with steeply pitched fixed bills. Instead it kind of digs in a little flatter, which isn’t a problem, but is something worth noting that makes it a little different. And really actually makes it a better suited bait for fishing over vegetation than a lot of squarebills.