Apex Tyr Fishing Kayak

apex cyr fishing kayak
Eric Jackson was a pioneer in the fishing kayak world and competitive kayak paddling sports scene for a long time. We’ve known Eric for a number of years, and this kayak is another area where Jackson is pushing what is possible in fishing kayaks. His accomplishments at Jackson Kayak were well documented and we will be anxious to see how his new Kayak technology is received by the kayak fishing enthusiasts.
Overcome by the desire for a lightweight, high-performance fishing kayak, Eric Jackson, decided it was time to assemble a party of experts and enthusiasts to make it a reality. Paddle powered, fast, nimble, versatile. The ingredients list is: Carbon Fiber, Epoxy, Innegra, foam core, cork, super magnets, and a custom wrap to finish the package. The custom hand crafted carbon fiber hulls are the most unique in the kayak fishing space.. Hulls designed to low draft while being stable, fast, and maneuverable. Seats designed and inspired by race cars to give you Olympic racing seats in fishing kayaks. Production plug and mold finishing completed with advanced composites. It’s at the upper echelon of fishing kayak options with built-in reverse rod stagers, a swiveling bucket seat, sound dampening custom decking, vinyl wrap designs, RAM Mount seat tracks, super magnet tool holders throughout as well as many other fishing forward options.
Length: 12 feet 10 inches | Weight: 40 pounds | Propulsion: Paddle | $10,999
To Purchase: Apexwatercraft.com