Another 13-Pounder on New Years Day 2020


“I rotate five or six different lakes,” Lozano said. “I scan and look for grass and features, and then when I come back I don’t graph or scan at all. I just pull up and fish the spots with the most potential.”

“I had another teener bass come up on a Deps 250 a few days later that didn’t hook up. I went and fished two other lakes and then came back to this lake on New Year’s Day and was able to call up another 13.29-pound bass on the Deps, my fourth bass weighing more than 13 pounds. I actually caught a 4 1/2 pounder earlier that morning, then had the big one. I had another fish come up and side swipe the Deps that looked even bigger. And I had another in that same class flash on the Deps and not get it.” 

He had 3 bites that potentially could have weighed close to 40 pounds in just 3 largemouth bass. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.