ANGLR’s technology


ANGLR is a company that simplifies the logbook-keeping process for anglers. When I was a kid, I’d spend an hour or two after every fishing trip making notes of effective baits, water color, water temperature and fish behavior. My dad gave me an old tablet of letterhead from his office and some leather notebook he got from a trade show 20 years prior. I thought I was Flip Pallot making poetic notations of my pond-fishing trips. 

I guarded that thing with my life… until girls, college fishing and responsibilities got in the way, at least. I didn’t make many more entries into my logbook after all of that. 

ANGLR and the technology integrated into this rod, however, make off-the-water study so much easier. There’s a button built into the butt of the Virtual Spinning Rod that, when pressed, will actually drop a waypoint in your smartphone’s free ANGLR app. It automatically records the current barometric pressure, wind speed, time, wind direction and even your exact GPS location. And yes… all of your information on the app remains private so you don’t have to worry about other folks seeing how you’re catching them.

Now who in the world would have thought that would ever be possible with a fishing rod? Just catch a fish and press a button; even a redneck like me can handle that.