ANGLR’s technology


ANGLR is a company that has developed an app which takes all the work out of one of the previously most tedious but rewarding tasks in fishing – keeping a logbook. There’s a button in the butt of the Virtual Rod that, when pressed, will drop a waypoint in the ANGLR app instantaneously freezing that moment in time and recording barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, time, GPS location and so much more.

Now, with the simple push of a button your logbook writes itself and compiles even more information than you would have ever been capable of with just a pad and a pen. And it’s 100% private by default. The only way someone can see something in your logbook is if you want them to. Which does work really well when practicing for team tournaments I must say.

The rod connects via bluetooth to ANGLR’s free app and as previously eluded to, can also connect to certain Lowrance graphs and may even be able to connect to additional units in the future. So not only are you able to drop waypoints in the ANGLR app, but you can also drop waypoints on your graphs by simply pushing the button on the butt of your rod, which is pretty slick.