An unintended use and final thoughts


It’s unlikely that this was an intended use, but there’s another way to use these Coneheads. If you often store your rods without a bait or like to keep spare reels spooled and ready to go, you can use one of these Coneheads to ensure that your line doesn’t slip back into the reel or go retreating through your rod guides. Simply add on of these to the loose end of your line and reel it up to the rod tip or to the guide of your reel and your equipment will be ready to go when you come looking for it.

And as for the intended purpose of the Halo Fishing Swimbait Coneheads, this product works exceptionally well. By adding one of these Coneheads out in front of your swimbait, you’ll be sure to have fewer issues with the bait hanging cover and getting bogged down in trash. And the durability of this product ensures you’ll be able to get more fishing time out of each swimbait, requiring a fish to tear your bait up, not just the cover.

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