An inexpensive solution


That night, McDonald ordered a seine net online that folks use to trap fish in creeks, rivers and oceans. He paid about $10 to $15 for the net material. He also bought some industrial-strength Velcro which also cost him about $15. So let’s call it roughly $30 for all of the materials.

He then trimmed the seine net to fit his livewell openings. The netting doesn’t cover the entire openings, however. McDonald left enough room towards the front-facing side of the livewell so he can fit fish, and his hands, in and out of the livewell.

“I need to leave a little opening so I can cull easily throughout a tournament day,” McDonald said. “So I decided if I positioned the opening towards the front of the boat, if a bass somehow still manages to jump out, it will have to jump towards the floor and seat area of the boat, which will give me a much better opportunity to grab ’em. I just don’t want them jumping towards the back deck. That’s when things can get a little hairy.”

To secure the seine netting, McDonald sandwiched the material between two strips of industrial-strength Velcro. This provides a solid connection to the boat without having to drill any holes into the fiberglass.