An even more finesse wacky rig


The channels along the Ned Ocho make the bait perfect for rigging a small wacky rig and the chunkiness of the bait still allows you to skip it really well despite its overall small stature. The absence of material between the ribs also allows the bait to quiver a little on the fall, producing a similar action to that of a full-sized wacky rig.

Since the O-ring is gripped snuggly between the ribs, you lose far fewer of these baits when casting and fighting fish than you do when fishing baits with a smoother surface. This solves one of the more frustrating things about wacky rig fishing and is a feature I’m not sure exists even in a 5-inch bait. After rigging the Ned Ocho this way, it’s something I definitely think should be incorporated into a bait designed specifically for a wacky rig.