Affordable price allows for frequent bait changes


You can probably expect to catch one, maybe two, bass on each Tip Toad. The nose is designed to be extra skinny to facilitate quick lift, but that type of convenience doesn’t come without any sacrifices. If you scroll back to the bass photo, you’ll notice the head was ripped out of the bait. This will happen on the large majority of your blowups. Once the bass clamps down on it, you’ll notice the Tip Toad sliding up your line. On the positive side, however, this does get the plastic away from the hook point, which could be the reason I’ve had such an extraordinarily high hookup ratio. 

While nobody wants to constantly blow through baits, the $2.99 price point does make me feel a lot better about the lack of durability. I don’t think it makes much sense to fuss about the durability of a bait that A) catches a bunch of bass and B) is half the price of some of its competitors.