Aesthetics and function at a decent price


Overall I was impressed with the new concepts in the Concept Z. While I personally probably wouldn’t trade my Concept C or Concept E for them, as I love both of those reels, I do think a guy that is looking for a durable reel that can cast a light bait really well, skip a bait really well and give you a lot of drag power with a big handle in a very compact, light profile will be very content with this reel. 

Mind the frame and keep hooks away from it and I think this will be a reel that will last guys a long time. It has become my go-to reel for skipping baits like I said, so I’m definitely happy with the one I have and have no complaints about its operation. I goofed up and chipped the paint by hanging a treble hook bait on the front of the frame now, but if you can avoid that I think you’ll have a long lasting reel for casting small or big baits alike for a long time.

You can find the Concept Z from 13 Fishing at retailers online like and local retailers that carry 13 Fishing products. You can also check them out on the website