Advantages of using Coneheads

halo fishing coneheads for bass fishing swimbaits

There’s the obvious advantage we already stated of making the bait more resistant to hang ups and the collection of floating vegetation, pine straw, leaves or other debris I like to refer to as trash. So a Conehead helps keep your bait from getting trash on it.

But the rubber material the Conehead is made out of is also much more durable than the soft plastics that swimbaits are made out of. Again, it’s very similar to, if not the exact same, as the material used to create the bobber stoppers that many of us use. One of the biggest issues with this style of fishing is the constant need to twitch, pull and pop your bait free from cover.

In doing this, the nose of a soft-plastic swimbait often tears. Once a nose starts to lose its integrity, it gets worse and worse until you’re hanging up nearly every cast and you have to re-rig another bait. Well often times, you’ll find that you’ve gone through several baits before you even catch a fish. Using the Coneheads, you’ll still hang cover briefly from time to time, but you eliminate nearly all of the wear and tear on the front end of your swimbait and greatly increase the longevity of each lure. It’s even a good idea to trim a little off the nose of some soft-plastic swimbaits to create a flat space for the Coneheads to be incorporated, since the material is so much more durable than the soft plastic used to make the swimbait itself.