Adding a step

bass fishing trailer steps

Back to the bad knees, it got harder and harder over the years for Neal to get into and out of his boat while it was still on the trailer. Whether he was wanting to climb up into the boat while it was in the shop or trying to step into or out of the boat when launching or loading at the ramp, he needed help to do it. And Neal rarely was one to ask for help.

His solution for this dilemma? He ordered himself a set of steps and hand rail to mount to his trailer. Several boat manufacturers offer these as an option now on new boats and it’s definitely an awesome addition even for someone like me who can still get around fine. It’s just a safer and less strenuous way to enter and exit a boat and something I highly recommend adding to your rig. If you don’t already have something like this, there are several options available out there now depending on your trailer design.