Add a trailer hook

trailer hook on bass fishing spinnerbait

Adding a trailer hook is another great way to convert a lot of misses into fish catches. Personally, I’ve caught countless fish just on a trailer hook, which proves to me that if the trailer hook wasn’t there, the fish wouldn’t have been caught. There are lots of trailer hooks out there depending on the bait you’re using. You can even add a Lake Fork Frog Tail Hook as a trailer hook to the back of a hollow body bait to further increase your odds of converting strikes into fish catches if you’d like.

But the more common lures to use trailer hooks with are spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and vibrating jigs. Adding a trailer hook to the back of these baits greatly decreases the number of missed or lost fish you’ll experience. And even when the fish do get the bait good enough to get to the main hook, the trailer hook often really locks them onto the lure and ensures you’ll get them to the boat.