Action and castability

Loco special jerkbait bass
The starting point for reviewing any jerkbait has to be the action in my opinion. If you throw it out and the bait rolls over during the retrieve and hangs the line, review over. That happens sometimes with jerkbaits; you throw them out, start to work them and within a few pumps the bait fouls up and has to be reeled in. The 13 Fishing Loco Special passed that test right away.
Upon further inspection of the bait as it got closer, you could see it had a great side-to-side action on a double pump. Using a jerk-jerk-pause cadence, I could see the bait almost walk the dog under the water like you’d see from a topwater on the surface. There was a very rhythmic side-to-side action with a good bit of flash and still just a few subtle irregularities on each twitch to give the bait some erratic action.
The lure designer also incorporated a weight transfer system into the bait to improve castability. They did this by placing two fairly large metal balls in a long chamber. In the backcast, the balls load up in the tail. As the bait lands and you start to work it, the balls roll forward and down a step, landing in the belly of the bait and balancing the bait back out. This weight transfer system does a good job of creating a very aerodynamic bait that can sail a pretty long way.