bass fishing glide bait in water

For starters, let’s talk about the action of the Glidesdale. On a simple reeling retrieve, you can easily keep this bait right below the surface to create a wake, or let it slip down in the water column a few inches to a couple of feet if you’d like. On that slow and steady retrieve, the bait will swim back and forth in a fairly tight S pattern.

If you begin to add a little stop-and-go to your retrieve, you will generate those wider drifts that a glide bait is known for. You can add this action by twitching your rod tip but it’s far easier to do this by simply starting and stopping your reel handle. As you pause your retrieve, the bait will sail to the left or right and as you start it up again the jerking motion of your line beginning to move again will send the bait gliding in the opposite direction, creating a walk-the-dog action.