bass fishing crankbait profile

As previously stated, it’s obvious this bait was built for cold-water bassin’. The best indicator of that is its action. Crankbaits designed for cold water are often referred to as finesse crankbaits. The finesse is more focused on the action of a crankbait than the size of the lure like it is when talking about many other baits. A finesse crankbait has a tight action, meaning there’s not a really wide wobble or a big top-to-bottom rocking action. Instead, the bait simply shimmies through the water with a tighter wobble and rock than say a squarebill or deep-diving crankbait.

This is the action the Hardcore Shad SR 60 has. The SR stands for shallow running, the 60 for the bait’s length at 60 millimeters (2 3/8 inches). So the Shad SR 60 gives you a great finesse crankbait with a tight action that can be fished in the 4- to 5-foot range during the winter months when the fish in that strike zone are particularly lethargic. This tighter, subtle action is less intimidating to a fish and draws strikes when larger, more aggressive baits won’t get bit. But there are already a lot of finesse crankbaits out there for this type of fishing. So, what does the Shad SR 60 bring to the table? Well, I’m glad you asked.