professional angler mike mcclelland holding a bass fishing swimbait

With two parallel wound retaining wires of the Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner Head securely holding a Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad, McClelland uses the Spinner Head when he wants an enticing mix of flash and vibration.

Presentation: Turning to this weedless rig around heavy cover from vegetation, brush, standing timber and cedars, McClelland knows the Spinner Head allows him to take that swimbait into places inhospitable to open-hook rigs.

“A lot of lakes we fish have brush piles behind boat docks and this is a bait you can put in a lot of awkward situations,” he said. “I love to throw an underspin in stained water or when we have a lot of wind. This is a bait I can throw in those same scenarios, but around cover.”

Tip: McClelland notes that he’ll adjust Spinner Head size to depth and bait length (3 1/2-, 5- or 7-inch). This, he said comes in handy when he need to imitate jumbo gizzard shad.

McClelland’s closing advice: Whatever swimbaits you throw, don’t get lazy on the retrieve. Mix it up, note what plays and try to dial in a replicable pattern.