A whole lot of hook

treble hooks on a topwater bass fishing lure

The Yo-Zuri Pencil 100 has a whole lot of hook for a mid-size topwater bass fishing lure, which I really like. Outfitted with two large round-bend black nickel treble hooks, this bait is built for both the bass that come up and annihilate it, as well as those that might just come up and take a swipe at the lure. Where the 125-size has three hooks, the 100 has only two. But that’s just right for this smaller offering, as the hooks are sized well to cover a lot of real estate but not so big that they’ll hang one another.

Round-bend hooks also help to greatly increase the hookup ratio on topwater baits, as the wider gap between the point and the shaft of the hook creates more opportunity for a swiping bass to get the business. So I like that Yo-Zuri went with the round bends.

These are stout hooks, not likely to bend unless your drag is super tight and you’re fishing with braid. Even then, it would take a big fish to open these up. As long as you’re using a medium-heavy rod at the most and have your drag set well, these hooks will standup to anything you can hang into.