A versatile size


I’ve referenced “finesse popper” a time or two already, but I don’t quite want to lump the 3DB Series Popper in that category completely. Coming in at 3 inches, it’s 1/4- to a 1/2-inch longer than what I’d truly consider a finesse popper based on the ones I’ve fished in the past. But it’s still a good bit smaller than the bigger chugging-style poppers that are out there, which is good.

This middle-ground size kind of puts it in a different lane. I’m sure there are some other baits out there that are kind of in between, but for me and poppers, it’s always been one or the other. You can gently twitch the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Popper in absolutely no wind and still chug it in 10 MPH. You can have it tied on in the morning in lowlight conditions working it a little more aggressively and then back off of the action a little later in the day without having to swap back and forth between lures.

And the size is good for tournament fishing. You don’t have to worry about running off a 12-inch keeper you might need while looking for a kicker. Both will bite this bait.