A Tube


A 3 1/2-inch Strike King KVD Pro Model or a 4 1/2-inch Denny Brauer Flip-N-Tube rigged with a 3/16- or 1/4-ounce weight offers Lowen two distinct benefits.

“I feel like I can trigger a reaction bite with that bait because I can make short snaps with it; not necessarily swimming it along or hopping it along,” Lowen said. “That bait is really erratic because that weight wants to separate from that bait so I can make that tube dart or dive and do things that, traditionally, a soft plastic doesn’t do. 

“Also, a lot of guys don’t use a tube anymore, so it’s one of those baits that they fish don’t see as often. Anytime I can use a bait that I feel (is not commonly used), that’s a plus. There’s never an event where I don’t have a tube tied on. It’s just one of those baits I have a lot of confidence in. If I was told I could only have one bait the rest of my career, that’s what it would be.”