A smaller, but stout hook

chatterbait hook

Z-Man incorporated a premium heavy-duty 2/0 black nickel hook into the MiniMax and it is bad to the bone. I personally like to throw a vibrating jig on braided line a lot, especially in muddy water and thick vegetation. I know that’s against the norm but I’ve rarely been accused of being normal anyway. My point with bringing that up, is that braided line can bend a hook on some vibrating jigs. I think it would take a chain, a trailer hitch and a four-wheel drive to bend the hook on this little nugget. I was really pumped to see a heavy-duty hook on a bait this small, that being the ultimate sign that, though this bait will catch a 12-incher from the creek bank, that’s far from all it’s capable of. This one has the hauling power to penetrate and pull in a big one.

You’ll also notice Z-Man went with a molded double-barb bait keeper. Z-Man has their own line of soft plastics as well, made with a material they call ElaZtech. The MinnowZ I have rigged as a trailer on the MiniMax in these photos is one such bait. This ElaZtech material has a whole lot of stretch to it, making it extremely durable but a little tricky to secure to a bait to start with sometimes. The double-barb keeper does a great job allowing the ElaZtech to slide up and onto the bait and then locks it into place. But rest assured, this bait will work with all other soft-plastic trailers as well.