A simple but effective design


This has been a crazy year much like last year with everything seeming to be behind and bass wanting to stay roaming in the shallows for a lot longer than usual. Normally by this time, our bass are all offshore, but right now the bait seems to be congregated in the bays and bass are running the bait around over open water in the bays. It’s an early and late bite, but I love it. 

Last year I was running into an issue throwing 1/4 and 3/8-ounce heads to give me a lot of distance as you chase the fish and bait around a lot. But the 3/8-ounce was sinking too much and too fast with little swimbaits. The small 1/4 ounce heads would pull out of the plastic swimbait really easy and I was having to swap tails constantly. 

So I was hoping I could find a 1/4-ounce that held the plastic on well but didn’t want to sink so fast. That’s where the Gem Shad Swimbait Head looked perfect to me.