A silky smooth drag


The Shimano Ultegra has one of the smoothest drag systems I’ve ever tested on a spinning reel. I know that sounds crazy because of the super-luxury spinning reels out there that cost $300 and up but this drag system just feels totally different than most I’ve tested throughout my career. 

Whether I’m fighting a fish in open water or trying to horse them out of cover, this drag system has proven to have an excellent blend of both strength and precision that has thoroughly impressed me. You’re also able to make incredibly small adjustments to the drag which has been a big help whenever I’m targeting fry guarders around boat docks. I want the drag to be stout enough to move the fish away from the dock posts on the initial hookset but once I get that fish closer to the boat, I want it to dispense line easily so the hook doesn’t pull out of the fish. The adjustability of the Ultegra absolutely allows me to do that without any on-the-fly adjustments while I’m fighting the fish.