A reeling worm


If I had to categorize the Culprit Fast Vibe Worm, I would consider it a reeling-style worm although you can certainly fish it a dozen different ways. I haven’t tried it yet but it would probably be pretty cool bait to use on a Neko rig for example. It’s just a good-sized, durable little worm so it’s really versatile regardless of how you like to fish. But the most distinguishing characteristic about it, the tail, is what kind of qualifies it for this particular application.

This tail design makes the Fast Vibe a great worm for reeling. Whether right along the surface as a finesse topwater presentation, subsurface for shallow, suspended fish or even right along the bottom on a Texas rig or shaky head. No matter where in the water column you fish it, this tail design creates a great little swimming action that is extremely effective at getting bit.