A really solid bait that catches a bunch of bass


The Team Ark Elite Z-Series 63mm Lipless Crankbait has a little different rattle to it and seems to catch a bunch of fish. Its extra-large interior rattle chamber allows room for more rattles than you’d normally find in many similar lures, which creates a loud and attention-getting sound during all retrieve speeds.

I think it’s definitely worth adding to the rotation; especially if you’re a shallow-water angler. There are certainly times when rotating through several different lipless baits with different sounds makes a big difference in drawing strikes from finicky fish or reactivating schools. I have fished a lot of very popular and heavily pressured bass fishing lakes throughout my life and have seen first-hand how big of a difference a small change in sound or profile can make.

You can cast this bait a really long ways, it has a great hookup ratio, it’s a durable bait and it has a nice wobble that varies at different speeds of retrieve. Honestly, it’s all you could want or expect from of a lipless crankbait. I’ll definitely have it rigged and ready for much of the year.

The Team Ark Elite Z-Series 63mm Lipless Crankbait is available here.