A quick background story


My dad and I used to go fishing with a guide on Lake Lanier named Mack Farr. Although we loved fishing when I was a kid, we weren’t exactly the best at it. We’d go to farm ponds and my dad would even drop me off at ponds after school so I could learn how to catch bass and experiment with different techniques.

I think my dad got Mack’s name through a buddy and one early morning, we packed up and met him at the Lanier Harbor boat ramp. It was chilly that morning and I can still remember the smell of my dad’s coffee in the Suburban cupholder as we talked about the potential of the day ahead.

When we pulled up to the boat ramp, we walked down to Mack’s boat and if there was ever a picture of a fisherman in the dictionary, I believe he would be it. Tanned skin covered in sunscreen, a mustache, bibs and a weatherproof jacket… he had it all. I can remember thinking to myself that I wanted to be just like this man when I grew up. What could be better?

As the years went on and I started getting older, Dad and I kept going on trips with Mack. The trips, however, started becoming more informal and less of a “guide-client” dynamic and more of a friendship-type deal. We probably only did one trip per year with him but man, I’d ask that man thousands of questions about the fishing industry every time we went. The time with my dad and Mack was the highlight of my teenage years. Mack is the one person who encouraged me to learn how to write about fishing. And by gosh… here I am.

I will always say that Mack Farr is the reason you’ve ever read any of my articles or watched any of my videos. Mack Farr is the reason. Period. I will forever be indebted to him.