A practical option for anglers of all skill levels


For those of us a little longer in the tooth, we see this H18 as a great boat for mid-size lakes and the H18 has many of the amenities of larger more expensive boats but are less costly to pull, run and fish from. Upgrades are easy to add, too. We never hear much about a last boat but this could be the ticker for those who still want to fish but don’t want to worry about big payments and feeling obligated to have to go when family and other things are on the docket. The sleek look of the H18 makes it a great purchase no matter where you are in your fishing life.

Plenty of storage, enough deck space for two anglers to fish from the front deck and a great ride makes this a great package for everyone who loves to fish, is just starting out and just wants a boat to take a boat ride with the family. 

Check ’em out at XpressBoats.com.