A new-age twist on an old-school classic


If you haven’t fished with ElaZtech plastics yet, you’re probably going to get your mind blown when you try the Z-Man GrubZ. Because most anglers tend to use traditional grubs in tough fishing conditions, ripped tails can become an annoying problem. The fish will often nip at the grub and after a few bites, it’s already time to rig up a new one.

With the Z-Man GrubZ, however, you likely won’t need to re-rig anything for several trips. It’s no exaggeration at all when I say you can probably catch upwards of 30-40 bass on each bait and to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if you caught even more than that.

This is a great bait to have rigged up whenever you’re taking a beginner angler or a child fishing. It doesn’t slide down the shank of the hook and again, it doesn’t get ripped to shreds, so there’s absolutely zero “babysitting” with the GrubZ. Cast it out, reel it in slowly and wait for the next bite. That’s all there is to it.