A low-profile look with a sturdy feel


I’ve written about this before, so I’m not going to get too far into it. But some of these ultra low-profile baitcasters I’ve tested over the years just don’t give me enough to grab onto. I very well might be in the minority there but I feel like some reels were made with too much worry on weightlessness and not enough concentration on durability and performance. 

I feel like the Alloy M offers a really nice blend of it all. The frame is plenty small and balances very nicely on a rod but it also feels sturdy without any flex whatsoever. The frame is made from ADC12-grade aluminum and it’s even said to withstand saltwater fishing. 

I haven’t had an opportunity to test it in the salt yet but seeing as how I live about two hours from the coast, it would be an enormous plus if the Alloy M handled saltwater well.