A look at the arm


Looking at everything from the wire of the spinnerbait out to the blades, Strike King put a good combination together. The wire is fairly light, allowing for good vibration with the willow leaf blades. If the diameter were bigger and the tension of the wire tighter, the blades wouldn’t have as much flash or vibration in the water. For Colorado blades that have a harder thump to them, it’s okay to have a thicker wire for the arm. But with willow leaf blades, thinner is better… to a degree.

You can go too thin however, which leads to a lot of bending and inevitable breaking of the arm; so it’s a fine art to dialing in the right diameter. While the 7-pounder in the pictures with this piece did bend the arm, the average 1- to 2-pounder won’t cause a problem. And this big one would have likely bent any spinnerbait. A quick readjusting and it was back in the water. But without the light wire to allow the blades to do their thing, the bass may not have bitten at all.