A little on the quieter side


I like throwing all sorts of topwaters; Whopper Plopper-style lures down to finesse poppers less than 3 inches long. All of them have a place in my arsenal. Walking-style topwaters like the TS-115 make up a subset of the topwater genre, but even then I don’t just throw one walking-style topwater. Sometimes I like a bait with a loud knock and other times I like a walking-style topwater with a crisper, quieter rattle. Then there are a few baits I use that land between those two extremes.

The Team Ark TS-115 is an in-between bait but definitely towards the quieter end of the spectrum. The bait has fairly large beads in the tail section that help it cast far and sit well in the water, but the chambers don’t have a lot of spare room by design. This restriction ensures there won’t be a lot of noise echoing out, making the TS-115 a great bait for finicky days when there’s little ripple on the water or even when it’s dead slick calm. That’s when this bait shines versus a louder, more aggressive topwater.