A jerkbait can be a major equalizer


If you’re dealing with clear and low water, you’d be absolutely crazy not to have a jerkbait rigged and ready to go. I don’t say that to sound ugly, but rather to make a point. To be quite honest with you, a jerkbait saved my spring fishing this year. Every single time the water was low and I had more than two feet of clarity in the water, I would smoke ’em on a Duel Hardcore Minnow Flat SP Jerkbait. I had afternoons where I’d catch more than 40 fish when some of my buddies were struggling to catch a limit.

Because bass tend to suspend and, at times, get a little lethargic with sudden water level changes, a suspending jerkbait is an outstanding choice. Each time you twitch that jerkbait and pause it, the lure suspends in the water column and stays eye-level with the bass. Even if they’re lethargic, that flashing and slashing action of the jerkbait is enough to grab their attention. When you pause it for a few seconds, they just have a hard time not reaction to it and attacking it.

Again, I had most of my success paralleling previously productive shoreline cover with this jerkbait. It looked like I was fishing in the middle of nowhere, but I had some stretches where I could pull up and call my shots. Again, they were just kind of hanging out in the middle of the water column.

It’s also worth noting that this technique is much better on a sunny day with a little breeze. This is a very visual presentation and the sun really helps that jerkbait flash and attract bass from a distance. A breeze is also helpful because not only does it position baitfish on windblown banks a bit better, but the chop on the water helps mask some of the unnatural characteristics of your jerkbait (hooks, split rings, etc.) while it’s paused.