A hybrid soft plastic


Though it’s listed as a “stick bait”, the Nishine Lure Works Namazu is really a bit more of a crossover, in my opinion, between a stick bait and a soft-plastic jerkbait. I tried rigging it weightless as a soft-plastic jerkbait and it works surprisingly well twitched along the top of the water. I was a little skeptical initially, thinking the whiskers might impede the action. But they don’t and the bait walks and skips along the surface well.

Then too, just dead-sticking the Namazu worked well. The bait again is labeled a stick bait, so the obvious weightless dead-sticking option was the first way I sampled it. There’s a nice shimmy to this lure on the fall rigged weightless. It has a good salt content and density to it. And the tapered tail makes for a pretty wicked wiggle towards the end of the bait.