A high-quality downsized version

bass fishing chatterbait

Everything about the ChatterBait MiniMax screams high quality in a smaller package. Z-Man released a Mini ChatterBait years ago when they reduced the size of the bait but the components left hardcore tournament anglers and big bass hunters a little wanting. The Mini ChatterBait still gets bit and makes for a great pond or creek fishing bait, but the components available now far surpass what companies had to work with years ago. So Z-Man went back to the drawing board to create a premium ChatterBait in a smaller package and dubbed it the MiniMax.

We’ll get more into the specifics of what makes up a premium ChatterBait in a smaller package momentarily. But you should know right out of the gate, this was a smart move on Z-Man’s part. Tournament and overall fishing pressure has greatly increased over the last few years and we’re seeing a trend happening in fishing where smaller baits are getting more and bigger bites. Ned rigs, 3-inch paddle tail swimbaits, mini jigs and spybaits are big-time producers out on the water these days. I think we’ll be able to add the MiniMax to that list soon.