A great glide bait for your buck

bass fishing glide bait in hand

Just a few short years ago, a quality glide bait would go for several hundred dollars; there were no mass-produced glide baits. Even when a few companies started to toy around with the idea of mass producing glide baits, the first few to hit the market paled in comparison performance-wise to those old blue-blood wooden plugs.

But now, there are several quality glide baits available at reasonable price points. That’s definitely the demographic I’d say the Glidesdale falls into. For just under $20, 13 Fishing has put together a really strong overall product with a great action and strong components. A solid bait to try out if you’re interested in getting into the glide bait game and a bait I’d challenge some of the wooden handmade glide bait aficionados to put to the test.