A good size and another


The squarebill that I tested out, the CT35, has a big brother in the CT57. Identical in design with the exception of being 65mm long in comparison to the CT35 at 55mm. I like both sizes of these cranks but in particular the smaller one that I sampled. For comparison sake, it’s 1/8-inch smaller than a Strike King 1.5 which many anglers are familiar with. Where the CT57 is 1/4-inch larger.

These two sizes give you a good many options with where and how you can target fish. The larger CT57 dives 5 to 7 feet where the CT35 dives 3 to 5 feet. And although 3/8 inch probably doesn’t sound like much, on this small of a scale that makes the CT35 15% smaller than the CT57. That’s a big drop when you’re already talking about a fairly small bait in the CT57.

The reasons I like the smaller CT35 versus a larger squarebill, I can fish it shallower and it gets bit more when the bite is tough. Like I stated at the onset, I think of a squarebill at times as power fishing’s version of a shaky head. So I’ll go to it when the fish aren’t quite aggressive enough to commit to a big double Colorado spinnerbait in muddy water for instance. If I feel a couple fish swipe at my spinnerbait or if I’ve been through an area with a blade that I know I should have gotten bit but didn’t, that’s when I’ll go to a smaller squarebill like the CT35 and usually catch a few fish.