A good size


There are some worms like this which are a good bit bigger that work really well on big-fish factories like Lake Okeechobee, for example. But once you get off of a very select few lakes, those baits just end up sitting in the rod locker the rest of the year. At 6 inches, the size of this bait makes it one you could use anywhere whether it’s Lake Okeechobee or Lake Lanier. It’s not an intimidating bait; at this size, it’s also able to mimic lots of different baitfish throughout the country.

It’s still big enough to cast well, however. I’m sure it would cast really well rigged weightless on spinning gear because I was able to cast it 50 feet or so on a baitcaster rigged weightless with 17-pound test fluorocarbon. I did use a 4/0 Gamakatsu SuperLine EWG hook for this though, which is a little bulkier than most hooks, so the added weight of that hook probably helped some. But I was still able to keep the bait on or near the surface so it was a happy medium.