A good search bait and final thoughts


What I also found with the Zero Minnow 130, as I was fishing it primarily around spawners, is that it is a really good search bait. Bass on bed may not commit to it all the way, but they’ll roll on it and reveal themselves. Then if you have something like a wacky rig on deck for a follow-up bait, you can fire that back in there and pick those fish off. But you can cover a lot more water with the wake bait as opposed to just fishing a wacky rig down the bank.

I also am already thinking about other ways to use this bait throughout the year. As I stated at the onset, a wake bait is great for shallow power fishing. It actually gives me something that’s kind of a sweet mix of finesse and power. But it’s also going to be a great bait for fishing for schoolers over a hundred feet of water in the summer and various depths in the fall.

It’s just a really cool bait that again, I’m ashamed to admit it, basically opened my eyes to a whole genre of baits that I’ve completely missed the boat on even as much as I’ve fished over the years. So whether you’re already a big fan of wake baits or you’re like me and think you might be missing out, I highly suggest giving the SPRO Zero Minnow 130 a try. Just make sure you start off with the right gear. Best you learn that lesson from me and not a close call or missed opportunity of your own.

The SPRO Zero Minnow 130 is available here.