A few more things


I’ve found a larger clip seems to work better than a smaller one. A smaller clip is more apt to tangle the line up when you let it go slack on the fall and that impairs the action of the plug knocker.

You want the weight of the plug knocker to pull straight back against the hooks. So for that to happen, the weight needs to go right to the eye of the bait and then pivot the bait down and away from the hook. That can’t happen if the clip tangles up a foot from the eye.

Also, when making your initial drop of the knocker, you want to be as vertical as possible. This way your knocker has a clear path to the bait and you will get the most force possible upon collision. If you were to attach the plug knocker to your line and release it from more of a horizontal position, the knocker won’t have near the speed when it reaches the bait or will likely collide with other cover before ever making it to the bait.