A couple weeks in

bass fishing dock

As bass wander around the shallows in the immediate post spawn, they’ll often find their way to a dock, shallow brush pile or some other piece of mid-range cover to stage. The waters begin to warm quickly after the spawn, so shade and a little deeper water become critical for the recuperation of the bass. Easing under a dock or an overhanging tree, the bass can get out of the sun and in a little cooler water, which helps lower the stress on their bodies, since they’re cold-blooded animals and their body temperature is regulated by the water they’re in.

For the same reason, you’ll start to find bass setting up shop in brush in the 5- to 10-foot range, because the water there is a little bit cooler. If you’ve ever jumped into the lake or a swimming pool early in the summer, you know that there’s a drastic difference in the temperature between that first 3 or 4 feet along the surface and the water that’s down below. The bass can definitely feel that difference too and getting down into that depth of water that’s just 5 to 10 degrees cooler makes a big difference on how quickly they can recover from the spawn.